Benefits of a Properly Maintained Lawn

Benefits of Having a Well-Kept Lawn

· Creates a Relaxed Feeling

Beautiful grass areas affect people’s moods by creating feelings of happiness, serenity, and privacy. Your lawn’s cycles of growth and color changes help lift your spirits, and if you live in urban areas, it links you with your countryside heritage. Furthermore, looking at a beautiful lawn naturally decreases stress hormones, helping you feel calmer, breathe easily, and sleep better.

Research conducted by the University of California showed that green spaces and turf grass have a positive effect on hospitalized patients. Patients with a view of lawn recover faster compared to those with a view of building walls. Similarly, individuals who live and work in an environment with a healthy yard view were found to recover from stress more quickly compared to those with an urban view.

· Offers a Great Space for Outdoor Activities

Studies show that children who grow up without access to yards or gardens have higher chances of developing obesity. While you can take your children to playgrounds and parks, having access to a beautiful open space right at your home is a great advantage. It is not only good for your kids but also the whole family.

· Increases Real Estate Value

Good lawn care increases the value of your house because it shows that other parts of your home are in good condition too. In fact, a research conducted by Gallup Survey showed that 62% of US homeowners find investment in landscaping and lawns as important and good as other home improvements. According to most buyers, proper landscaping adds 15% to a home’s value. Thus, if you are trying to sell a house make sure it has a great curb appeal and this could help attract a better deal.

· Improves Air Quality

Apart from trapping gases like carbon dioxide, healthy grass also releases oxygen into the environment. A large lawn, about 15sq m, emits enough oxygen to support a family of four. In addition, it prevents wind from blowing away the topsoil. Thus, maintaining your lawn not only improves the quality of air you breathe, but is also good for the environment.

· Helps Fight Allergies

Some individuals are allergic to pollen from lawn weeds. A thick and properly maintained lawn leaves very little room for growth of weeds. If you water your lawn the right amount at the right time, mow to the correct height and weed out regularly, you can easily forget you ever had a weed problem.

· Saves You Money in the Long Term

Taking care of your lawn on a consistent basis helps protect it against weeds, harmful pests, and diseases. Therefore, investing your time and money in occasional lawn care saves you from expensive emergency treatments. The same case happens for frequent irrigation. Installing efficient sprinklers and other irrigation equipment in your yard will ensure efficient use of water and boost the effectiveness of any lawn care services conducted around your property, ultimately saving you money.

· It Filters Stormwater

A properly maintained lawn is able to absorb water much better than impervious surfaces like sidewalks, driveways, roadways, and roofs. Research shows that a dense turf holds almost all water that falls on it. This means that when it rains, little or no water is wasted. Furthermore, since a dense lawn prevents rainwater runoff, it reduces the need to have urban stormwater systems, minimizing municipal expenses. New Jersey is known for its flash storms and flooding. Not every rain event in NJ is a soft drizzle. Our thunderstorms can drop a lot of rain in a short period of time. A well maintained lawn will help the surface back to normal and ready for use quickly.

· Promotes Nutrient Rich Soil

As earlier stated, healthy lawns are outstanding at absorbing water and nutrients. Poorly maintained lawns lose over 3 times more nutrients than those that are properly cared for. This is good for the environment because nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen are held in the soil, ensuring healthy grass and not running off and causing pollution. Moreover, properly maintained lawns support the population of earthworms. These worms burrow through soil creating pores and holes, providing more routes for water and nutrients.

· Heat Regulation

Healthy lawns go a long way in helping to reduce environmental heating. On a hot day, a lawn will be at least 14 degrees cooler than bare soil and 30 degrees cooler than concrete! The California Energy Commission shows that the cooling effect of an average lawn is equal to 9 tons of air conditioning. Therefore, properly maintained lawns can help reduce electrical needs for homes and commercial buildings.

· It Reduces Noise Pollution

The other advantage of maintaining your lawn is that it helps eliminate noise pollution. Most urban buildings have grass planted on the rooftop. They do this to cool the building and eliminate surrounding noise. If you live around a noisy neighborhood, keeping a properly maintained lawn will help provide some extra peace of mind.

· Enhances Security

The broken window hypothesis is a criminology theory that shows visible signs of crime lead to an environment that encourages further crime. In this case, having a poorly maintained lawn shows that no one actually cares about the property and this seems to invite vandalism. On the other hand, well-kept lawns, trees, and gardens signal someone is paying attention, a factor that could lead to less crime.


Like seen in this article, there are many environmental and health benefits that you can derive from having a well-maintained lawn. Therefore, if you would want to attract the aforementioned advantages, consider mowing, weeding out, watering, and providing the right nutrients to your lawn to achieve a beautiful yard. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of work that you need to do, let a professional help you out.

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