Most Complete Smart Sprinkler Control System

The Hydrawise Wi-Fi Irrigation Is The Smartest, Most Complete Sprinkler Control System That Saves Water & Pays For Itself Over & Over Again

Hydrawise is the most complete, smart, and predictive irrigation system out there that uses weather stations and soil sensors to detect exactly when your lawn needs watering so that you can save up to 50% on your water bill. It not only saves you on water, it is also a breeze to work with and it saves you on service calls.

Benefits Of A Smart & Predictive Irrigation Control System

  • Communicates With Weather Stations For Savings Up To 50% Of Water
  • Protect Your Lawn : You Can Leave Home Without Worry About System
  • Daily Usage Reports
  • Immediate Outage Reports
  • Adjusts Right From Your Handheld Devices or Amazon Alexa
  • No More Service Charges To Come Out To Adjust Timer Settings, We Do It Remotely To Save You More
  • Our Trained Staff Will Monitor & Make Adjustments To Your System Remotely For One Year

Hydrawise Leads The Pack In Irrigation Controllers & The Competition Isn't Even Close

Some have rain sensors that detect moisture content in the soil but none of them compares to Hydrawise, especially when it comes to being smart, monitoring moisture, and using weather stations to predict when it’s going to rain then preventing lawn water when it is.

Get The Irrigation Control System That Pays For Itself Over and Over Again

For $299, you could have the Hydrawise controller installed so that it can control up to 12 zones — then you will start conserving on water right away! Depending on the size of your lawn and the amount of water you use, it might pay for itself in year one. With the $299, you will also get a year of free monitoring. 

And because our team can make seasonal adjustments remotely, you can forgo the $89 on-site service calls. For a complete overview of the Hydrawise system, click this video overview link then when you see how wise of a choice it is, then schedule your installation.

Get The Hydrawise Smart Irrigation Controller Installed & Begin The Savings!