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New Jersey Best has been serving residences throughout New Jersey for over 30 years with 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

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Lakewood Fertilization Services

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New Jersey Best Lawns, Sprinklers & Fencing

New Jersey Best Lawns, Sprinklers & Fencing has 31 years of industry experience making homes and commercial properties look their best, and providing a comprehensive array of lawn and landscape services for homeowners, businesses and community associations.

Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

  • Healthier Grass: Provides essential nutrients that promote strong root growth and vibrant, green blades.
  • Weed Control: Helps your lawn outcompete weeds, reducing their presence and minimizing the need for herbicides.
  • Disease Resistance: Strengthens grass to better resist diseases and pests, leading to a more robust and resilient lawn.
  • Enhanced Growth: Encourages even and consistent growth, resulting in a thicker, fuller lawn.
  • Improved Soil Quality: Enriches the soil with vital nutrients, enhancing its structure and fertility over time.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Creates a lush, green, and attractive lawn that boosts your property’s curb appeal.
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The person installing did the best he could but the actual job needs to be planned correctly and explained to the fullest. The large gap under fence, I am not happy with at all even knowing that I do have a dog and this will be a problem.. had I known this would be such a huge gap then I wouldn’t have extended the fence..
Ruthie Solorzano
O have been a customer of NJ Best Lawns, Sprinklers, & Fencing for about a year now. I have been pleased with their services. The technician Steve was able to come on a Saturday to turn on my sprinkler system. He and his assistant were quick and had my system working quickly. They checked to make sure my system was in good working order.
I’ve been using NJ Best for the last few years for my irrigation system and have always had a great experience with the technicians. I recently had Mike come by for a season start up and he was awesome to deal with. If there were any leaks he made sure he could try to fix it before replacing anything. Overall great experience and hope to deal with him in the future. Great customer service is key! Thanks team!
Chuck Lupardo
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