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How Does A Sprinkler System Work?

Vinny Sessa | February 17, 2024 6:36 am

: 5 Minutes to Read How Does A Sprinkler System Work?

When you are setting out a plan for a property lined with lush gardens and perfect lawn, one of the questions you may have asked yourself is whether you should install an automatic sprinkler system. Automatic sprinkler systems are one of the best ways to make sure your gardens are in top shape for many years to come and to ensure they will thrive, even if you aren’t there to water them every day.

When you are considering the installation of sprinkler systems it is good to understand how they work. There are of course many different options available for automatic sprinklers, and there are so many new technologies launching every year that it is hard to keep track of what is good and what is not. So, the basics of how the sprinkler systems work are what you need to understand for now.

There are a few different elements to an automatic sprinkler set up, which are outlined below, and each is as important as the next. It’s vital to make sure the design of your system is performed by a professional as the many elements need to work in harmony with each other to ensure they last a long time, and to make sure that water is equally distributed to the areas you need it.


Firstly, you will need a solid water source. Using a spear pump or pumping from a water tank or reservoir is the best option as using a standard water supply can be costly over the lifetime of the system. Using naturally replenishing water sources are the best option, however, do require some setup costs. Pumping the water around your property will require solid pressure, and this can be achieved by using a pump. Your professional installer will need to let you know what type of pump will be best suited for your property size and distribution quantities required.


Pipes and hoses are usually trenched into the ground and covered over with your lawn and gardens to ensure your yard looks great, and there are no unsightly visible pipes around your property. There is a lot of work involved in the laying of pipes around your yard, but the results will be worth it in the long run.


Timers allow your system to run automatically without you having to even be home to turn them on or off. They can be set at specific times of the day to ensure the best times for watering and conserving the water at the same time.

Sprinkler Heads

There are literally thousands of different sprinkler heads to choose from and depending on whether they are needs to water your lawn, a small garden area, or a large garden space, there is a sprinkler head for every purpose. Your sprinkler installation professional will be able to advise the best heads for the area you need it for.

Your sprinkler systems can have a fully integrated digital control option, or a simple one button turn on/turn off option. No matter which way you go with controlling, your gardens and yard will thank you for it for years to come. It will not only add aesthetic appeal to your property, it will also add substantial value.

Vinny Sessa

Vincent Sessa is the owner of New Jersey Best Lawns, Sprinklers & Fencing, a company that has been in business since 1989 and has more than 60 employees. He has pioneered the business to becoming one of the top lawn, sprinkler, irrigation and fencing companies in all of New Jersey.

Since graduating from college, Sessa has been an entrepreneur and business owner that has achieved a lot of success in the lawn industry. He understands operations, marketing, sales and oversees a large team to ensure homeowners achieve their ideal lawn and all of South, Central and North Jersey are served with excellent customer service and results.