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Why Use Irrigation On Your Commercial Property Lawn

Vinny Sessa | February 20, 2024 1:20 am

: 5 Minutes to Read Why Use Irrigation On Your Commercial Property Lawn

It’s important to remember that your lawn is a reflection of your business and property. So, you want a welcoming, well-manicured lawn to greet customers, clients, and potential investors. A big part of that comes down to your watering system. The key is to avoid watering the sidewalk and parking lot and avoid over-watering your lawn.

Water Conservation

You don’t need to water your lawn as often as you think you do. What you need is deeper watering. This means that your lawn will last longer, and look healthier. Additionally, it conserves water and saves you money. It’s a true win-win situation. It’s also unnecessary to water an established lawn as often. New turf or areas that are freshly seeded need additional watering. However, established lawns don’t require as much maintenance. While a drip system is sufficient for planters, this isn’t sufficient for a lawn. Now, if you have lawns and plants, then you will want a sprinkler system as well as an irrigation system. Irrigation systems ensure the water gets to the roots, extending the life of your plant life and helping them fight disease.

Commercial Efficiency

If you want efficiency, then a watering system is a no-brainer. It’s the best way to ditch those dry, brown spots on your lawn and to avoid watering everywhere but the lawn. With a watering system, you get a consistency (and balance) that’s impossible to achieve with a hose. There’s added efficiency with an automated irrigation system. It means you don’t need to assign someone the task of handling the watering or turning the system on.

The Right Time

Ideally, you will set your system to water your lawn in the early morning. The best time to water your plants and lawn is after sunset but before sunrise. Doing it in the middle of the day won’t allow for your lawn to absorb the water as the heat will evaporate it. It’s also useful to do it at this time as it won’t affect your business or customers. If you aren’t sure whether you’re watering enough (or it’s too much), here are some signs that indicate you’re getting it wrong.

Signs of under watering

  • Dry soil
  • Slow growth of blades
  • The grass isn’t springy after being stepped on
  • Signs of overwatering
  • A soggy lawn
  • Limp, wilting blades of grass
  • An increase in the need to mow the lawn

For areas that are not in direct sunlight, watering too much can cause fungal disease and rot. As a result, the lawn can turn brown or yellow in areas.

Now, if you’re ready to invest in your commercial lawn, then you can get in contact with the professionals. Whether it’s to receive a quote or just to ask a few questions, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone. Your lawn is part of the first impression that people have of your business. What type of impression do you want people to get of your business?

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Vinny Sessa

Vincent Sessa is the owner of New Jersey Best Lawns, Sprinklers & Fencing, a company that has been in business since 1989 and has more than 60 employees. He has pioneered the business to becoming one of the top lawn, sprinkler, irrigation and fencing companies in all of New Jersey.

Since graduating from college, Sessa has been an entrepreneur and business owner that has achieved a lot of success in the lawn industry. He understands operations, marketing, sales and oversees a large team to ensure homeowners achieve their ideal lawn and all of South, Central and North Jersey are served with excellent customer service and results.